Sync SBCGlobal Email Account With Windows 10

Sync SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10
Feb 13, 2023      Luis Parker      SBCGlobal email

Are you looking for a way to sync your SBCGlobal email account on Windows 10? If that’s so, then you are in the best spot. In this blog, we have provided all the information that you need to know to complete the process of Syncing the SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10.

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Precautions While Syncing your SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10

Let’s look at the points you need to keep in mind before going further with the syncing of the SBCGlobal Email Account in your Windows 10.

  1. Make sure that you are using an Active Internet connection.
  2. Check the server status of the SBCGlobal email.
  3. The email settings configuration must be perfect.

Server Settings for SBCGlobl Email on Windows 10

After knowing about the precautions, let us tell you the Server setting configuration, that you must need to follow while adding your SBCGlobal email with Windows 10:

SBCGlobal Incoming Mail Server Details

  • Incoming email server –
  • Port Number – 993
  • SSL Required: Yes

SBCGlobal Outgoing Mail Server Details 

  • Outgoing server –
  • Port Number – 465
  • SSL required: Yes is selected
  • Authentication Needed: Yes

How to Sync SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10

Below we have given the exact steps that you need to follow to add SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10.

Firstly complete the Advanced settings by following the procedure:

  1. Select the cog or gear icon to open SBCGlobal Email Settings on your MS Windows 10.
  2. Next, you have to hit on the Accounts button.
  3. Thereafter click on the Add Account menu, and choose the other Account.
  4. Now, provide details, including your SBCGlobal email address, password, description, and others.

In case the above method won’t work in your favor, then follow the given instructions:

  1. You have to repeat the same procedure given in the above paragraph until the chosen “Other Account.”
  2. Thereafter, you have to click on the Advanced setup.
  3. Next, select the Internet Mail option.
  4. Now, add a name you want as your display name.
  5. Provide ‘’ in the ‘incoming email server.’
  6. In the Account type section, select POP3.
  7. Next, enter your SBCGlobal email id, along with its password, in the required box.
  8. After that, select ‘’ in the ‘outgoing email server or SMTP server.’
  9. Now, end the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Here you are ending the process to set up your SBCGlobal email with Windows 10.

Steps to Change the Mailbox Sync Settings in Windows 10 for SBCGlobal Email

In case you want to change the settings of syncing SBCGlobal email on the Windows 10 mail app, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your Mail app.
  • Sign in to your SBCGlobal Account.
  • Next, click on the Cog icon present at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now, tap on the Accounts option from the Setting tab.
  • Select your Account & hit on Change Settings.
  • Tap on the Change Mailbox sync settings.
  • End the process by marking Sync options.

In case you find any trouble in doing so, then uninstall & reinstall the calendar & mail app by following the given steps:

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Next, you have to write Windows PowerShell in the search box.
  • Moving ahead, right-click on Windows PowerShell.
  • Tap on the Run as an Administrator option and enter the below-
  • written command to go for the installation of the Calendar & mail app.
  • get-appxpackage *microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps* | remove-appxpackag
  • At last, reinstall the Mail app & Calendar from the Windows store.

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Ending Note!

With the help of the above-discussed steps, you can easily Sync your SBCGlobal Email Account with Windows 10. However, if you find any difficulties in doing so, we are just a text away from you. Use the Help box mentioned below, and tell us all your Queries.

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