Privacy Policy

We, at SBCGlobal, understand all concerns and queries of the users and are fully dedicated to provide the utmost priority to online privacy as well. The data and information that we collect from our users are only with their own consent. The moment they sign up or subscribe for any of our newsletters or any other similar activities. Always remember that the information that you enter on the forums will be available for anyone to read or capture. This is the reason why we always recommend to our users to make sure to not provide any sensitive information on the site.

Information that is automatically saved when you access SBCGlobal

As soon as you access SBCGlobal site, there is some specific information that may automatically be collected by us such as cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies. The information that also gets automatically collected when you visit the site includes your IP address, characteristics of your operating system, information about your browser, and system settings.

Cookies are those files that are used to store information about users on their devices. We may use cookies in addition to other types of local storage on our site.

To efficiently manage the automatic data and information collection procedure, tags are placed on the site or in emails by us. Web beacons are the files that are used to connect web pages to specific web servers and their cookies. It can also be utilized to count the number of visitors, scrutinize how users steer through the site, evaluate how many emails sent by us are read, and the number of articles or links that are getting views from our visitors.

Use of the information that we collect

The information collected on SBCGlobal can be used for the various purposes that we have enlisted here:

  • To provide our products and services according to your requirements
  • To respond to requests, queries, and comments serve best of your requirements.
  • To enhance the business as a whole.
  • To efficiently meet the applicable requirements and also the company’s policies.
  • To provide the best protection against identity theft, fraud, and any other illegal activities.
  • To offer opportunities to participate in events, programs, contests, or any other similar activities.

How we covey data and information

The information that you are providing to us is also shared with the service providers who work with us in order to serve the best of your requirements. There are also some other reasons for which we can share your data and those reasons are enlisted below:

  • In case the disclosure of the information is crucial to necessary to prevent any sort of harm or loss to the company.
  • For some internal business purposes
  • If there is any need to conduct any legal process or by any law.
  • For statistical and analytics reasons or to offer the advertiser’s information about the basic nature of the user base.

How do we safeguard data?

The site undertakes appropriate administrative, technical, and physical measures so as to safeguard your data from unlawful, unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, or use. Although there is no such guarantee of the security of the information transmitted online.

Children’s privacy

SBCGlobal site has not been designed and developed for the use of children. We don’t collect any data and information from children below the age of 16 for any purpose. Due to any reason, if we get to know that we have collected any data or information from children below the age of 16, then we will immediately delete all such data will be deleted from the site’s database as soon as possible.

Data retention and access

The data of a user is retained for as long as the purposes it was retained for, gets completed. Also, we may preserve data for longer periods if it is required by the law or if it is to resolve disputes with any parties or to conduct our business. The personal data retained by us will always comply with the privacy policy.

How will you get informed about the changes in this privacy policy?

We hold the right to update our privacy policy every now and then without any prior notice. If we are about to make any modifications or changes, normally notice is posted by us to inform you about the changes that we have made in our privacy policy.

Ethics Policy

The contributors to SBCGlobal are actually the ones who create and publish content on our site. These contributors are paid for the amount of content that they create for our site. The contributors follow all legal requirements and maintain complete ethical standards while creating content for us. The writers along with the contributors provide advice and information that they intend, to not only be practical but trustworthy and credible as well. A lot of experimentation and research is done by these contributors and writers of our site for the content before the content is posted on our site. The use of this site by you is subject to the terms of use (including the disclaimers).