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SBCGlobal Mail - Pros and Cons
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With so many options for email accounts, it might sometimes be a bit confusing to choose the best one for your new mailing address. While creating a mail account, the user looks for an account that provides them a simple old-fashioned email experience but also covers all the latest features like calendar storage and is equipped with all the security features to keep users’ data safe. One such mail service provider is SBCGlobal Mail, which fulfills all the basic parameters mentioned above. But with all the pros come a few cones that users also need to know when creating a SBCGlobal account. So, here we are going to provide all the information regarding the various benefits of SBCGlobal mail along with some drawbacks that you need to know before opting for SBCGlobal mail.

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A Brief Introduction to SBCGlobal Mail

Before discussing the benefits and drawbacks of SBCGlobal email, a little introduction can be a bit helpful. Considering the current times, with more than 75% of email holder having a Gmail account, many do not even know that a free service with the name of SBCGlobal account having all the latest feature that needs to be available in an email account might even exist. Initially introduces by SBCGlobal communication, the SBCGlobal mail was later acquires by many other tech giants, including Yahoo, finally landing under the acquisition of the AT&T mailing services. Running under the supervision of such a large amenity, the SBCGlobal mail has all the available features like file storage, spam detection, 2-step security, and many other features that have become a necessity with having an email account. However, the mail also comprises various additional features, all of which are as follows:

Dial Toll Free Number: +1-877-200-2212

Various Features Available with a Account

With the basic mandatory utility of sending and receiving emails, the SBCGlobal mail offers various amenities, which we have listed below:

Basic Mandatory Mailing Attributes in AT&T SBCGlobal Email

Not only sending and receiving mail might be sufficient for any user in today’s time. Considering even if a simple email user might be receiving over 100 emails a day, there might be a requirement for additional characteristics in your inbox through which you can easily manage and organize your Inbox and Outbox. Keeping this in mind, the SBCGlobal mail are enrich with many traits, some of which are as follows:

  • Automatic reply in the absence of users, auto-forward, redirection, and many other automated features are beneficial to manage your time while handling daily chores.
  • The basic requirement is sending the same copy of the mail to multiple at once.
  • Ability to attach large data-consuming files while sending important documents to other persons.
  • Notifying the user about the status of the mail mail, like undelivered, in a queue, delivered, and opened by the receiver.
  • Compatibility to be used at various other platforms like webmail, email client, or any mobile device.
Online Storage Along with Email at

Users sometimes need instant access to the files which they have received previously in their inbox. However, there is not much time available for them to go through all the emails and check them one by one. In this scenario, it is necessary for any mail comprising an online storage where the user can store their mailing documents. In the online storage, users can easily access the required file and utilize it for further use. Through the online storage, you can also upload any files and can send them through mail anytime you want.

Spam Sieving: One of the Major Benefits of SBCGlobal Email

Spam has now become an integral and cautionary part that everyone needs to avoid in order to keep their mail account safe and their personal data secure. Walking through the timeline, it can be easily concluded that today, spamming cannot be avoided through ordinary spam filtering features. For that, your email service provider needs to update spam detection techniques and prevent users from opening them even by mistake. Considering this requirement, you can easily rely on while opening a mail account.

Accessible Interface Based on User Mailing Preference

Another benefit of SBCGlobal email is that you can easily manage your incoming and outgoing mail and also sort other mail based on your choice or convenience. Once the mail has been opened, the first thing you look for is the inbox, followed by other options. So, while opening an SBCGlobal account, you not only can find new mail but also notifications concerning your previous conversations.

Compatibility with Other Mailing Platform

As already discussed above, AT&T SBCGlobal Email can be used from various platforms. Also, as the majority uses the mailing app on their phone, the SBCGlobal can be easily configured in any mailing box. All you need to do is provide the configuration setting, after which you can have access to your mail on your mobile phone only.

Additional Services from AT&T

Users with email at can get easy assistance from AT&T services. Customer support from AT&T is available to the user through various means like chatting, community forums, mailing, and helpline numbers.

Moving on the Other Side: Common Issues or Drawbacks SBCGlobal Email.

With so many options available to the user, sometimes offers some hindrances to the user during their mailing, which can be a bit irritating considering you have a lot of chores to complete in a day, excluding the mailing part. Some common issues faced by the SBCGlobal users are as follows:

Not So Many Options to Make Changes to Your Inbox

Although the interface available for the user in SBCGlobal mail is amazing and easy to navigate your email account, it might be a bit appealing to the user to make enhancements or personalize their mail account. However, not many options are available to the users with SBCGlobal. This drawback can sometimes contribute to the fact that the user to switch to other email services.

Only Sufficient Storage Space 

Although a storage box is a major amenity for SBCglobal users to store their files and keep them safe and secure, you cannot save a large number of files in your account. This can be a major drawback while using an account, considering other email service providers offer large storage spaces to the user with their email account.

Not so Many Advanced Features

The SBCGlobal offers all the available security features, which are based on the latest guidelines regarding mail protection. However, apart from the secure services, the SBCGlobal mail overall is a rudimentory email service with no additional features to provide user convenience and other options. Various advanced options in which SBCglobal lags behind are as follows:

  • Email Scheduling
  • Mail organization and sorting based on user preferences.
  • Rudimentory interface as compared to other mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, and many others.
Limited Number of Users

With more than 4 billion users worldwide with valid mail accounts, not even a million users have an SBCGlobal account. Also, the parent company of SBCGlobal Mail does not support or promote in any way the SBCGlobal mail account. By support, we are also referring to customer support which need to be available 24/7 and has also been discontinued by AT&T. All these factors contribute to the increasing number of dissatisfied user opting to other email service providers.

Common issues User Faces with their SBCglobal Account

No matter how reliable your mail can be, there will always be some common problems like login issues, password retrieval, spam mail, and many others. The same issues occurs at are as follows:

Unable to Log into Your SBCGlobal Account

Login issues are common when users try to access their SBCglobal account. From the wrong username/password to an invalid captcha, many problems occur, which can be faced by the users, making their SBCGlobal account inaccessible. Sometimes, there might be a requirement for assistance from customer support which is no longer active.

Phishing Mails 

Another major problem faced by the user is the phishing mail. With the advancement in the spamming technique, SBCGlobal mail is somehow unable to cope with these phishing techniques, thus unable to detect spam or phishing mail. Various types of spammy content are now being generated, which by every means looks genuine and from trusted sources. While major email service providers have the right sources of tech to detect. SBCGlobal legs in this case also.

Server Down

With no active support from AT&T, technical glitches are common, among which a major one is the Server down, which creates a big obstruction in the mailing process of SBCglobal Users. In this scenario, no troubleshooting will be available for the user that they can take in order to fix it. Email Login Setup

Based on the pros and cons mentioned above regarding SBCGlobal, you can decide for yourselves whether to opt for this mailing service or not. As the majority of the user prefers to work on an email client, we have listed the process in order to set your SBCglobal on your system easily.

Setup Your Account
  • Open your Email Client where you need to set up your SBCGlobal account.
  • Navigate to the account settings and select the option to get a new account.
  • Provide your SBCGlobal account credentials (username and password).
  • Choose account preferences like type of account (IMAP or POP) and mail server configurations.
  • Provide your email ID and password, and then follow further instructions to complete the account setup in your email client.
SBCGlobal Mail Configuration Settings
Inbound Server
Inbound Port Number 995 993
Outbound Server
Outbound Port Number 465 465/587


SBCGlobal Mail is currently picking up its way to be on the list of top email service providers. Apart from some technical glitches, it can be a preferred option for email users who need a simple, safe, and secure mail account. As AT&T no longer offers technical assistance for the SBCGlobal account, you can refer to our helpline number to resolve any kind of issue with the SBCGlobal Account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

You need to go to the SBCglobal reset page, where you have to provide your account credentials and other details in order to verify your account.

You might have provided the wrong credentials in order to log in to your account, or there can be a detection of any unusual spammy or phishing activity from your account, due to which your account has been blocked by AT&T emails.

The possible reason why you are unable to access your SBCglobal mail account from your iPhone can be:

  • Internet connectivity
  • SBCglobal mail server down
  • Incorrect mail configuration settings.

In order to retrieve the blocked SBCglobal account, you need to verify the account through the contact details. Afterward, you need to remove spammy content from the mail account.

You can do that from the account setting. In the section account preference, you can easily locate the option “POP and mail forwarding option.” Click on it and after that provide the mail configuration setting for gmail.

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