SBCGlobal Webmail Account Properly

SBCGlobal Webmail Account Properly
Dec 30, 2022      Luis Parker      SBCGlobal email

SBCGlobal is ranked as the topmost email service that has made the communication process of businesses easier. Moreover, by using this email service, users can also access their email accounts with an alternative mail service like Yahoo or AOL mail. However, to gain access to the SBCGlobal email services, it is essential to sign in to an SBCGlobal Webmail account properly.

Read this entire post attentively to understand how to access the SBCGlobal webmail account seamlessly.

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System Specifications Required For Using SBCGlobal Email Account Properly

  • Users must require a good and uninterrupted internet network connection to access their SBCGlobal webmail account properly.
  • Also, verify whether you access the updated web browser to log in to your account safely.
  • Moreover, you must also check that SBCGlobal has enough space to receive emails. If not, delete the old messages and notifications from your email account that aren’t required. Doing so will free the space, and you can easily receive mails, notifications, etc.

Instructions You Must Follow For Setting Up of SBCGlobal Email Account Properly

Step 1: Create or Sign Into Your SBCGlobal Webmail account:-

Initially, you must reach the official webpage of SBCGlobal by entering “ ” into the address bar. Then, sign into your SBCGlobal email account using the correct login credentials. If you don’t have an account already then generate one for successfully accessing the email services.

Step 2: Best Practices to Create Strong Password:-

While generating the password, you must follow the following practices:

  • Avoid using sequential numbers or letters while creating passwords, such as 1234, qwerty, 6789, etc.
  • Remember that if you keep your password as your date of birth, it becomes much easier for hackers to crack.
  • Always try using the combination of eight letters, numbers, and symbols while creating passwords.
  • At times, due to numerous online accounts, users prefer to keep the passwords of the accounts similar. This is so as it is the easiest way to remember the password. But, if the hackers guess the password of one account, all your accounts get hacked within one go.
  • Also, you must not use your personal information like name, contact number, house number, or country name as a password.

Step 3: Verify Your SBCGlobal Email Server Settings:- 

In order to access your SBCGlobal webmail account properly, it is necessary to check the email server settings. To do the same, go through the instructions written below attentively.

  • SBCGlobal IMAP Settings:- The users must ensure that the inbound server must be set as “”. Also, check that the Inbound Port must be 993, Outbound server as Whereas the outbound port is set as 465 or 587.
  • SBCGlobal POP3 Settings:– The users must set the inbound server as and the port as 995. At the same time, the outbound server must be set as and the port as 465.
  • SBCGlobal SMTP Settings:- For effectively configuring the SMTP email server settings, verify that SMTP Username is set as your SBCGLobal email address. Moreover, the password that you generated while registering to the SBCGlobal email. Put the SMTP security as SSL/TLS and the port as 465 or 587.

Step 4:- Make Use of Email Control Feature:-

You can have proper control over the emails. In other words, the users can utilize the email controls features and block the email address from which they don’t want to receive the emails anymore. For setting up the email controls, perform the stepwise instructions given below.

  • Access your email account using the proper login credentials. Then, hover your cursor over the “Admin” permissions.
  • After this, move to My Account > Settings and then opt for the “Username” that you wish to impose the control.
  • Proceed further by tapping on the “+” button.
  • At last, make the necessary changes and then hit on Save to store the desired changes.

Step 5:- Securely Logout from the SBCGlobal Webmail Account

Ensure that you have completely signed out of your SBCGlobal email account after doing your work. It is essential to log out from all the accounts so that no other person can use your email on your PC without your permission. So, to avoid the breach of data, it is important to sign out from your email.

Wrapping It Up!!

So, here we end this post and hope that the above information is enough to access the SBCGlobal Webmail account. You can easily send and receive emails using these email services seamlessly. However, if you have any inconvenience, then you must contact our experts by dropping a mail. Otherwise, you can also talk with our specialists through live chat and obtain the required assistance.

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