Access email settings

Access email settings
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How to Access email settings?

IMAP or Internet message access Protocol is an application layer protocol that allows you to receive emails from the mail server. gives IMAP access to (AT& T, Bellsouth) account, enabling you to connect to your email through either mobile or desktop clients. In this blog, we discuss in detail the steps through which one can access SBCGlobal .net email settings. But before we delve deep into the ways to access, let us first understand what is email settings. sbcglobal email is a webmail service offered by AT&T. It can be accessed using a web browser or through email clients such as Outlook or Apple mail. The mail server settings work well with the following AT& T domains-:

  • email
  • email

Sbcglobal Email Settings- ATT & POP3, IMAP, SMTP settings– In case you need to access your email account from a desktop, please follow the IMAP and SMTP settings below:

To Setup your Email Account, Follow the below listed steps-:

  • Go to Apps
  • Go to Settings
  • Under accounts tab, click add account
  • Move on to Email
  • Fill in the username and password

If you are not able to set up your accounts automatically, fill in your e-mail address, password and click on Manual setup and follow the manual settings below-:

E-mail manual settings:-

Email settings Sbcglobal, Bellsouth, email settings
AT& T IMAP serverIMAP port Imap.mail.att.net995 or 993
IMAP username Your email address
IMAP password Your password
AT & T SMTP server
SMTP port 465 or 587
SMTP security SSL/TLS
SMTP username Your full email addresss
SMTP password Your Password

Server: POP 3

When the server type is POP 3, then the following settings need to be set to access the email settings-:

incoming mail server:

outgoing mail server:

In case of POP3 settings, following steps should be followed-:

1.) Fill in your username

2,) Jot down your password

3.) Enter server of POP 3- or

4.) Enter the ports as 995 or 993

5.) Click Next

6.) Enter the SMTP server as or

7.) Fill in the port as 465 or 587

8.) Enter your username

9.) Fill in your password

10.) Click Next

Outlook Settings for Sbcglobal, Bellsouth, ATT, Account

For the POP3 server, should be set, security should be set to SSL and port to 995. For SMTP server, should be set, security should be set to SSL and port should be 465 or 587. You need to ensure that in the outgoing server, “My outgoing server requires authentication” should be verified and “Use the same settings as my incoming mail server” should be checked. Make use of the following steps to update sbcglobal email server setting:

  • Go to Outlook Express and open it
  • Choose file option
  • Choose the account settings
  • Choose the email account to update
  • In internal email settings, select POP 3 or IMAP
  • Make sure that your username and password are correct
  • In case of POP 3, for the incoming mail server fill in, for outgoing mail server fill
  • Go to More Settings
  • Choose the outgoing server tab
  • Verify that “My outgoing server requires authentication” is ticked
  • Choose “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”
  • Choose the advanced tab
  • For POP 3 accounts, choose incoming server port as 995 and the security as SSL
  • For IMAP accounts, choose incoming server port as 993 and the security as SSL
  • Click OK
  • From Internet email settings, choose Next
  • Click on Finish

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While we’ve mentioned ways by which you can access email settings, there could be a situation where even after employing all these methods, one is not able to access the settings. In that case, feel free to reach out to our team of experts who will guide you along every step of the troubleshooting process. Drop us a message or shoot us a mail at []. and find more information here Sbcglobal-help related your query.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

IMAP deals with email provider’s server and is used for receiving email while SMTP deals with other servers. It is also used to send mails to other servers.

Sbcglobal email is a webmail service provided by AT & T. It can be accessed through a web browser or by using an email client.

The email apps/clients of sbcglobal could be Gmail, Outlook or Mobile devices such as Iphone, android etc.

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